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The French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (ADEME), which reports to the ministries of Ecology and Sustainable Development, Research and Industry, is actively involved in the implementation of national policies pertaining to the environment and energy issues.

ADEME advises local authorities and business, and provides financial support for their projects. The agency conducts information campaigns designed to foster changes in the behaviour of actors in the economy and the general public. ADEME comprises specialised technical departments and a strong local presence, with regional delegations. The agency administers an annual budget of close to 458 million euros.

Areas of activities : Air quality, Waste (household, industrial, toxics), Polluted sites, Energy management, Promotion of renewable energy, Environmental management, Noise abatement.

3 priorities towards sustainable development
  • Creating an economy of waste management compatible with the environment
  • A long-term commitment to energy management
  • Reducing air pollution and improving transport

3 areas of expertise
  • Stimulate research and development
  • AAdvisory and decision-making assistance
  • Dissemination of best practices

European and International Action : ADEME has a significant presence in Europe and on the international scene. The agency has consolidated a vast network of specialists, enabling it to pursue activities in emerging and developing economies as well as in industrialised countries, most notably by providing assistance in devising and implementing energy and environmental policies and programmes. ADEME takes part in work for the monitoring and application of international agreements pertaining to sustainable development and climate change, particularly through activities supporting the emergence of projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe and Third Countries. ADEME initiates and provides leadership in partnerships with its counterpart organisations in Europe and the Mediterranean region (MEDENER). The agency plays an active role in the work carried out by networks such as AGRICE, ECEEE and OPET.

Website : www.ademe.fr