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DMB Energiebureau ARC

The Environmental department of Amsterdam has many years of experience with Energy Policy Plans, decision making of District Heating, energy measures for buildings (old and new) and environmental coaching of several large urban planning projects. Employees of Bureau ARC are experienced specialists in the field of sustainable energy technology and CO2 reduction.
  • A'dam en EPA: energy saving and renewable energy program for households
  • DE-scan: renewable energy scans for all 13 municipal units of Amsterdam
  • Retrofit project with energy saving and renewable energy in 1700 dwellings in the 'Indische buurt' in co-operation with the housing corporation
  • New city districts : IJburg, Eastern Harbour Area, Amsterdam North)
  • Managery: managing of energy projects on municipal level, a co-operation with the municipal Energy Agency Delft,
  • Renewable energy in newly built areas, a co-operation with 6 national and international organisations within the European program Concerto
Website : http://www.dmb.amsterdam.nl/