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Horisun is an independent consultancy working in the field of renewable energy :
  • Energy policy and intervention analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Program management and evaluation
  • Long term energy studies
  • Market studies in the Netherlands and Europe
Clients of Horisun are national and international authorities and institutions in the Netherlands, the European Commission and China, but also the World Bank and larger companies such as energy utility companies and multinationals dealing with the energy supply of tomorrow. Horisun offers an easy entrance to renewable energy projects in the Netherlands and to a network of renewable energy experts in OECD countries.

Horisun's most recent relevant references are :
  • Project manager of the Dutch part of the PV-NORD project, in which building integrated PV projects are demonstrated in all Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands;
  • Subcontractor with a substantial contribution to the IMPACT assessment of the Altener programme, in which the market impact of all Altener projects are evaluated

Website : www.horisun.nl