WINEUR : Intelligent Energy Europe

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The major objectives of WINEUR are to :

  1. Identify the conditions that need to be established for the integration of small wind turbines into the urban environment
  2. Promote the emergence of this technology as a real option for electricity supply in towns and cities across Europe
  3. Raise awareness amongst municipal authorities and decision-makers, because the promotion of wind energy technology in the city clearly rests on the involvement and take-up of this option by decision-makers at the local, city-wide level. For this reason several large European city authorities are associated to this project and will participate in activities for the duration of the project. The involvement of these municipalities represents a learning experience which will become an incentive for other European communities to get involved with this energy option in the future and provide the first step toward greater awareness of the potential of exploitation of wind energy in the city
  4. Assess and improve the prospects for social, aesthetical, architectural and urban planning acceptability of such wind energy applications by raising public awareness, defining performance and technical guidelines
Immediate objectives of the proposed action are :

  • Identification and evaluation of existing experiences in urban wind
  • Identification of the technical constraints and solutions
  • Identification of the constraints of network connection and the possible solutions
  • Identification of the sociological constraints (spatial and visual integration) and socio-economic and acceptance specifications
  • Mobilisation of the key actors (municipalities, urban planners, administrations)
  • Identification of potential projects in cities
In the medium term, the project will complement European Community actions such as :
  • Providing favourable market frameworks for renewable energy sources
  • Promoting exchange of experience and know-how
  • Raising awareness in local communities
  • Raising awareness of decision-makers in city councils
  • Encouraging exchange of experiences and co-operation between local authorities within countries and between countries
  • Facilitating information exchange between town planners and project developers and identifying potential projects and actors

The proposed project will support the EU and its Member States in achieving their renewable energy target : to increase the utilisation of renewable energies from the present 6% to 12% by 2010. Therefore the project will also contribute to reach the targets set by the EU within the framework of the policy on climate change: to reduce the CO2 emissions (over the period 2008-2012) by 8% with reference to the year 1990.