WINEUR : Intelligent Energy Europe

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Work packages

WP 1 - State of the art :
  • Inventory of existing projects
  • Comprehensive review of the technologies existing around the world (Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and Switzerland)
  • Classification and detailed description of the various technologies
WP 2 - Techno-economic and grid connection aspects :
  • Collection of economic data from wind turbine manufacturers
  • Comparison with economic data originating from existing urban wind sites
  • Assessment of the evolution of urban wind turbine prices
  • Grid connection constraints, costs, standards and regulations
WP 3 - Legal aspects and administrative constraints :
  • Study of the legal and administrative situation in 8 different European countries
  • Study of the existing standards in terms of security and safety and recommendations
WP 4 - Social, socio-economic and other issues related to acceptability by market actors and public support :
  • What can be learnt from the development of PV (or other renewable energies implemented in urban surroundings) over these last ten years? How did projects with large wind turbines hand the questions regarding safety, sound and birds? What were the problems / solutions?
  • How can local communities be helped to choose between different technological solutions?
WP 5 - Potential project identification :
  • Site identification
  • Feasibility studies
WP 6 - Dissemination