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Axenne is an independent consulting firm specialised in energy, environment and sustainable development. Created in 1997, Axenne has grown since the spring of 2000, by integrating several associates, to a team of 5 engineers and economists.

The particularity of Axenne is to systematically integrate in its services technical but also economic, financial and strategic expertise in order to bring genuine, integrated solutions that are part of a wide-reaching and long-lasting development approach. Combining long-term policies with short-term needs and linking prospecting analyses to actions on the ground is what Axenne does everyday…to ensure a better tomorrow.

This unique feature allows Axenne to operate at any stage of a study or project, and to work with varied national and international contractors, such as regional authorities, private firms, or institutional actors like EDF (the French electricity board), the World Bank, or the French Agency for Development.

Here are some of the services Axenne can provide :
  • National and regional master plans and energy policies
  • Design and definition of IT systems relative to climate change indicators
  • Identification and implementation of projects eligible to the Clean Development Mechanism
  • Support in the development and implementation of rural electrification and hydroelectric projects
  • Evaluation and auditing of micro-credit and micro-enterprise support programmes
  • Assisting industrial groups in developing "sustainable" strategies
  • Development of cartographic databases linked to GIS

AXENNE : Some urban wind energy references

Year of




Direction départementale du Pas-de-Calais
(Northern region)

Wind energy short and mid-term strategy in Pas-de-Calais : conception of a decision support tool to monitor the cumulated effects of the numerous wind energy projects planned with regard to a socially responsible development of the projects. Elaboration of several scenarios, cartography and sensitisation of the key actors in charge of land use planning.


Western Region
(Pays de Loire)

Regional wind power planning tool : Multistage cartography development including legal, technical and environmental constraints. Decision makers' management tool. Landscape analysis and GIS.


National Company of Rhône

Evaluation of potential wind power sites : technical studies of the projects, wind power profiles, identification of the potential obstacles;

Since 2001

Communities, industries, private sector

Wind power sites development : 10m, 20m and 40m measuring campaigns. Correlation with existing data. Socio-economic studies in rural areas. Consideration of eco-tourism.


Regional NaturalPark of Narbone

Tax system and wind energy : strategic study about the possibilities for optimisation of the taxes on income from wind energy.


European Commission

Wind Energy Local Financing (Altener European Programme) : co-operative financing schemes. Analysis of legal frameworks and banking mechanisms. In partnership with CLER, BWE, OVE, Volk Center and the NEF


(French Agency of Environment)

Regional Windfield Map : cartography of the wind speeds on the Rhone-Alpes French region. In partnership with EED consulting firm.



Wind power potential production : Links between wind speed and actual electricity production.

Website : www.axenne.fr